19.10.2019 Kal-El Support: Wizzerd

Kal-El is a fuzzed-out intergalactic stonerrock band, that features bass-heavy groove, detuned guitars, mind-expanding lyrics, and fuzz-pedals set to kill!

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Kal-El is the fuzzed-out step-child of hard rock and heavy metal, often with hints of pyschedelic and blues rock as well as doom metal. Songs typically feature a bass-heavy groove, detuned guitars and mind-expanding lyrics…

Formed in 2012, KAL-EL have released 2 EPs and 3 full-length records to date, with an ever extensive touring schedule all over Europe including a US tour in April 2018. With their massive sound walls of a bass-heavy groove, detuned guitars, mind-expanding lyrics and fuzz-pedals set to kill, KAL-EL have already left their stamp as one of Norway and abroad’s biggest hopes of the fuzz and doom rock.


From our home deep in the mountains, we weave sonic tales of our multiverse for all of our Doomed disciples.